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Plus Size Disney – Darth Vader 

Continuing on with my ‘Season of the Force’ inspired Disney Bounds for the plus Size figured amongst us, today is the turn of Darth Vader …

Black Cape Top – Yours Clothing 

Black Jeggings – ASOS Curve 

Patent Black Boots – Simply Be 

Dark Side Ears – Detailed Custom Designs @ Queen Ursula Uk 

Lightsaber Necklace – Rubygirl on Etsy 

Vader Moulded Backpack – Loungefly on Amazon 

I would definitely wear this look … how would you style the dark lord? 

Lots of love

Alyssa xxx 

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Plus Size Disney – Boba Fett

Are you as excited about Season of the Force at Disneyland Paris as I am? 

I’m currently Outfit planning and putting together some ideas for Star Wars bounds so I thought I’d share some with you! 

Necklace – Retro Styler
Jumpsuit – Ax Paris Simply Be 

Belt – Love Ya Ya on Etsy 

Khaki Cardigan – Asos Curve 

1460 Dr Martens – Dr Marten 

How would you style a Boba Fett look? 

Lots of Love 

Alyssa XX 

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Plus Size Disney – Rapunzel

I reckon that Punzie would totally hang out on the festival scene so I’ve done a very casual boho festival look for my Rapunzel inspired plus size Disney outfit today.

All products are available to buy online at the moment on the links below!


High waisted denim shorts – Simply Be
Lilac vest top – Evans
Meadow Mix Flower Crown – Crown & Glory
Sun Pendant – Etsy
Pascal Boots – Dr Martens

I LOVE that the boots are actually named Pascal!!


Alyssa xx

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Festival Blues

This is the first year in a long time that I’m not attending any festivals, it is really very depressing and not getting tickets for Glastonbury this year was really traumatic for me.

I love live music and the environment and atmosphere of a festival makes me a very happy girl. I love that you can see bands that you’ve never even heard of before and make friends with random strangers in a field that you may then stay in touch with for years to come.

Rain, mud, sweaty tents, long drops and warm alcohol are all part of the experience. I personally enjoy every single aspect of a festival but know that they’re not for everyone.

Festival fashion is a huge consideration as a plus sized girlie, I tend to ensure that I have plenty of leggings and a selection of tops/dresses to go with them dependant on the weather. Having a good waterproof jacket is essential and willies are a godsend in the wetter weather.

If you are going to a festival this year, here are the essentials that I cannot live without …

Dr Marten Drench Boots – I struggle to find wellies that go over my calves so these are my wellies of choice, I have the pink ones but they come in such an amazing variety and are super comfy that I can’t festival without them!

Pac a Mac – Simply be do a wide selection of Pac a Mac’s and waterproof jackets all of the way up to a size 34 so it is definitely where I would head to grab mine.

Painkillers – Whether it’s to ward off a hangover that you’re not willing to drink through or to help you to combat painful festival feet. You will probably need a painkiller or two during your festival experience, don’t travel without them!

Socks – Your feet will get wet if it rains, a change of socks can be a lifesaver when you’re feeling groggy and damp. It always amazes me how something as simple as putting on dry socks can make you feel like a new person.

Festival Bag – My Zatchels saddle bag is the best festival bag I have ever owned. You need something small and wearable but that has a good closure for that extra security. I keep anything that I’m not happy to leave in my tent in my bag so, phone, keys and money mostly. Remember, never take anything to a festival that you’re not prepared to lose.

Toilet Paper – This speaks for itself really! I always take the moist ones that come in a small packet that fits in your bag, they can also serve a multipurpose and remove your makeup at a pinch.

Sholley – You’re thinking Sholley’s are for old people right? Wrong! My sholley is a festival lifesaver, I can fit everything I need in it – including clothes, booze and the tent can even be strapped to it to be dragged across the fields. Don’t buy a cheap one as you will want to use it more than once I should imagine and make sure that you have large sturdy wheels as it will be dragged across fields!

This is just a short and sweet post about my festival essentials, I do know some people that just turn up with money and a change of pants and sleep where they can. I like to be a bit more organised than that though!




Do you festival?

Alyssa xx

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Plus Size Disney – Merida

I LOVE Brave.

It’s definitely my favourite of the more recent Disney films and I adore Merida as a character.

Passionate, fiery and Independent she stands for everything a strong woman should be and her anti-princess stance is super appealing to me.

Here is my take on an outfit for Merida using items that are on sale at the moment.


Trousers – Simply Be
Top – Evans
Crossbow Necklace – Etsy
Dr Marten Boots – Office
Betty Jackson Bag – Debenhams

I already own the DMs and Top in this outfit and am totally crushing on the necklace & trousers, so I might actually end up recreating this!

Alyssa xx

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