Disneyland Paris Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Lizi to complete this Disneyland Paris this or that tag! 

So here goes! 

Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios
Disneyland Park. I always do one day at Studios but tend to spend all my time at Disneyland Park. 

It’s A Small World or Peter Pan’s Flight

I do love both but Small World is just too classic not to choose. It’s a must do every trip. 

Hotel Cheyenne or Hotel Santa Fe

Hotel Cheyenne by far, though the beds are really creaky 😂

Cable Car Bake Shop or Market House Deli

Crush’s Coaster or RC Racer
Too fat for both so I have no idea. Would prob prefer the RC Racer if it were more fat friendly. 

Disney’s Halloween Festival or Christmas at Disneyland Paris

Having only done Christmas I will have to say that at the moment! 

Animagique or Cinemagique

I actually really like both, but Animagique tips it for me. 
Le Carrousel de Lancelot or Le Pays de Contes de Fées
Le Carrousel de Lancelot because it’s beautiful! 
Flying Carpets over Agrabah or Orbiton

Not done and have no interest in doing either. 

Sequoia Lodge or Newport Bay Club
Newport Bay. I stayed there my first trip and that trip was magical. 

Mad Hatters Tea Cups or Dumbo Flying Elephants
Mad Hatter Tea Cups because Alice in Wonderland! 
Pizzeria Bella Notte or Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost

I do not like pizza outside of Italy. 

Swing Into Spring or Frozen Summer Fun

My heart belongs to Swing into Spring. 

Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains or Les Voyages de Pinocchio


Alice’s Curious Labyrinth or La Cabane des Robinson
Alice! I like to skip* round singing “We’re painting the roses red” 

*dependant on Disney feet pain level 
Liberty Arcade or Discovery Arcade

Discovery Arcade 

Fantasyland or Frontierland

Fantasyland because you’re likely to see Alice characters if you hang out there 

Pirates of the Caribbean or Phantom Manor

Phantom Manor! I do love both though.

Cowboy Cookout Barbecue or Au Chalet de la Marionnette
I’m going to sound like a food snob but I only eat in the proper restaurants at Disney

Space Mountain or Hollywood Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror!! 

Big Thunder Mountain or Indiana Jones Et Le Temple Du Péril

Big Thunder Mountain because it’s the best! 
Inventions or Auberge de Cedrillion 

Inventions. I met Chesh there, enough said. 

Disney Fashion or The Disney Gallery

Disney gallery. Disney fashion does not fit fatties. 

Discoveryland or Adventureland 

Adventureland as it’s home to Pirates of the Caribbean and Skull Rock.
Cafe Hyperion or The Lucky Nugget Saloon
See food snob comment. 

La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant or La Tanière du Dragon
La Taniere du Dragon – Coz VILLAINS!! 

Annette’s Diner or Planet Hollywood

I tried Annette’s. It was ok. You wouldn’t get me in a Planet Hollywood if you paid me.

I tag anyone that fancies answering!!

Alyssa xxx 


2 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris Tag

  1. itslizi says:

    If I’m ever there when you are and I find you skipping around Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and singing, I would be so happy and probably join you.

    Liked by 1 person

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